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August 29, 2012
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Ever since their honeymoon on Torei Five years ago, Jesika couldn't get the sight of the tall, latex clad faceless emissaries that were everywhere they went. She had even convinced her husband Lance to rent one for the night after they found out that all of them had willingly indentured themselves or had volunteered to serve out a prison term as a mindless drone to an AI. As they took turns making love to the female emissary both together and individually; Jesika found she couldn't get what it would be like to be completely unable to control your own body and wondered if they were even aware of anything while encased in the suit.
After the first night with an emissary, Jesika kept dropping hints to Lance about wanting a suit of her own, Lance finally got the point and relented and found a manufacturer that would build a custom suit for Jesika. Lance gave her the suit on their two year anniversary and after submitting to a brain scan to program the suit, helmet and remote, Jesika was led to a private room where the suit and helmet were test fitted and a series of tests were conducted to verifying fit and function it was removed and packaged for her to take home.
On the night that Jesika was given the suit, Lance helped her coat her body with a low friction gel that would not only help in getting the suit on it would also enhance tactile stimulation. With shaking hands she handed Lance her helmet and with pleading eyes she kneeled down and assumed a submissive pose. Fitting the helmet to the back of Jesika's head, he swung the helmet closed before he lost his nerve, sealing her in the suit.
There was a brief moment of fear as Jesika's body shuddered and went still. As Lance franticly started to reach for the remote, he watched her body begin to morph from her mousey flat chested body into that of a busty voluptuous emissary body. Lance tried to talk to her to see if she was alright, but the programming had already taken over and she remained motionless until he picked up the remote and started giving her instructions. With a huge smile, Lance looked at his wife turned drone and punched in several commands and led her to the bedroom to enjoy his anniversary gift.
Jesika became self aware again at the sound of the helmet latches disengaging, slowly reaching up she removed her helmet and tried to remember anything that she could from last night. Slowly bits and pieces of her time as a drone returned to her as she her hands drifted down and began to rub her breasts and her rapidly swelling clit as she had flashes of being a helpless passenger in her body as her husband used her in ways he had never done before.
Jesika quickly realized that a six hour stint as a drone would not be enough for her as she brought herself to a mind shattering orgasm. After a long hot shower, and a search on the ultranet, Jesika packed up the suit and after putting the case in the trunk of her hover car directed the auto pilot to take her to the address she programmed into the navigation system. As she approached the address she made a call to verify that someone would be able to assist her and that her request was not unusual nor would it take a long time to accomplish.
Entering the storefront, Jesika was met by several Emissary suits of multiple color combinations and designs, She walked by suits with tails and helmets with ears, and more than one mermaid suit with built in breathing tubes. The gentleman at the counter listened to her request and after asking her several questions about the seriousness of her request and then requiring her to sign several forms that exempted them from any and all liability for the requested alterations, she was told to come back in two hours.
Taking the time to take care of some business matters, and a stop at her lawyers office to have a contract drawn up and notarized, she returned to the shop to pick up her modified suit. The technician at the counter explained the new features and cautioned her about using them, she smiled and thanked him and then hurried out the door so she could get home and prepare for Lances coming home.
Taking the time to take a long hot bath, she spent extra time shaving her body to silky smoothness from the neck down. Taking the special cream that came with the suit alterations, she started slowly at her toes and making sure every square inch of her skin was covered with the gel. following the instruction to the letter she took the special applicator and enjoyed the sensation applying the gel to the sensitive skin of her inner body parts.
Unable to control herself, she allowed the dual sensations of the applicator and the enhanced sensitivity of her coated skin to wash over her and bring about several orgasms before she started to pull on her enhanced drone suit. After pulling the suit up to her knees and running her fingers between her toes to guarantee that the suit would properly bond, she slid on the platform heels and watched as the bonding agent in the shoes sealed into a seamless part of the suit. Jesika ran her hand over the spot she knew a seam should be but could not detect one.
Continuing to pull the suit up to her hips, she again stopped and using a combination of her fingers to smooth the suit into all of the creases in her skin. She almost lost herself as she rubbed the palm of her hand over her swollen nether regions. Realizing her time was short, she quickly slid her hands into the long finger nailed gloves and started to pull the arms up and over her shoulders. The new suit had no zipper to remove it, and once the suit bonded to her skin with the special gel, it would become a permanent part of her skin. As the combination of her body heat and the gel started to shrink and bond the suit to her skin she could feel the beginnings of the hypersensitivity she had requested to be installed into the suit. As the suit sealed around her neck, she began to feel it start to form solid protrusions that quickly invaded both of her lower holes completely, she knew from her request that the protrusions would bond to her skin while allowing the same enhanced sensitivity that the rest of her skin would experience.
Knowing that time was short due to the increasing hypersensitivity and the suit starting to exert its control over her body she quickly recorded a message to Lance and kneeling down in her ready pose slipped the helmet around her head and resting the helmet on the back of her head, she took a deep breath. Leaving her mouth open slightly she clicked the helmet the helmet closed, she felt a small mass slip pass her lips and start to expand filling her mouth like a ball gag effectively removing her ability to speak. She could feel the programming start to overwrite her personality turning her into a permanent drone. Her last conscious thought as the Delta wave generator in the helmet began transmitting and suppressed her higher brain functions, was that Lance would understand why she was doing this.
Lance returned home from work an hour later to find Jesika in an enhanced body and kneeling next to the coffee table that held a new remote and a data pad, picking up the data pad he entered his code and read her email to him.
"My dearest Lance, I know that you will find this hard to deal with, but ever since our honeymoon on Torei and that amazing night with the Emissary drone, I haven't been able to get the idea of giving myself to you completely. We have had an amazing life together and you have made me the happiest woman in the world, but I feel that I am not complete. I know you love our roll playing, but it is so much more real to me than it is to you. I have been thinking of ways to give myself to you completely without limits and thanks to this suit I am now able to do that."
"I took the liberty of having the suit modified to increase the tactile sensitivity and sexual responsiveness to the wearer and in return it has been programmed to provide the user with an infinite level of usefulness, from basic housekeeping and cooking duties to providing your most intimate or wild sexual fantasy. With the modified Delta wave generator I had installed into the helmet, I will always be aware of what you and I are doing. Your slightest touch will now send me into an orgasmic look that will last for hours. I now feel truly complete and capable of providing you with the love I have always wanted to give you."
Lance stood dumbstruck as he closed the email and then watched a video Time stamped an hour and a half earlier, he felt as if he had been sucker punched as he watched and listened to his wife demonstrated the advanced features she had had built into the suit in an effort to take care of his every need and want. Never in his wildest nightmares did he think that Jesika would choose to turn herself into a permanent drone and then have herself legally labeled as such and therefore bound to him. He sank into his easy chair, as he tried to wrap his head around being both single again and the owner of his own personal Emissary drone, who just happened to be his wife. Absentmindedly his hand reached out and rested itself on Jesika's shoulder and he felt her shudder with instant pleasure.
Jesika watched from her small littler corner of her mind that was still her and hoped that Lance would be able to comprehend her choice to do this. The panoramic view the helmet provided her allowed her to watch without turning her head as Lance sagged into his favorite chair. As Lance absentmindedly reached over and stroked her shoulder, her mind lit up in pleasure as she felt his hand rub her latex skin.
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CharlieTakeda Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
I want a suit like this! Very nice drabble!
ShadowhawkOne Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am sure it would be
DannaPearl Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
Looks yummy!
Nice picture:)
ShadowhawkOne Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much
EmpressLazy Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
Aah, I always wonder if we'll have things like this in the future...hopefully the near future.
ShadowhawkOne Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can try to do something like this again in the near future.
Hadwin Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
This may be great for the wife, but the husband has lost all he loved in exchange for a toy. A Drone can not offer any support, be a mother, share experiances good or bad...
She gave up, and fled to a world of pleasure and he is now alone with a cruel reminder. How long do you think till he sells this drone just to be free so he can try and get a life back? Do you think he will ever stop feeling the pain from the loss of his Jesika?

The flip side of this experiance
ShadowhawkOne Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know I think you are the first person that caught was I was pointing out with the story. Living out your fantasies and fetishes is all well and good as long as you do not let it consume you like it did Jesika. Now Lance is left with a drone that was once his wife and a dissolved marriage whether he wanted it or not. Thanks for seeing this image for what it was intended to be.
monaeberhardt Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
Very interesting, and extremely elusive point. In fact, it's something that has also been pointed out to me by an extremely respectable D/s and SL blogger; She told me that this complete and permanent reduction of the submissive into a toy can deprive the Dominant of a person they can actually relate to, and I believe She has a compelling point.
ShadowhawkOne Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with her completely, I wrote the story to show an extreme that does exist in the BDSM culture although it is a very small group that would fit into this profile. I actually knew a sub that fit into this group and she taught me quite a bit about what she wanted from a Dominant, for the most part she had made some bad life choices and was looking for someone that would keep her safe from herself. She understood the consequences of what she wanted to do and was looking for someone that she trusted to pretty much sign herself into servitude and become some ones property (her words not mine)
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